I’m Rifke and I’m a coder / type designer / illustrator. I’ve temporarily taken my work down from my site because I’ve just been hacked so everything’s down for maintenance at the moment. Hackers are mean. I spend some of my time working at Our Place Studio and the rest of my time is divided between freelancing, working on personal projects, and staring into space. My work has been featured on Hover States and Hallo Internet. If you have an enquiry, some work that you’d like me to do for you, or some kind of scheme which will make me an overnight squillionaire then email me at info@rifke.co.uk. If you want to hang out and plait my hair and do tricks with fidget spinners then please do get in touch via instagram @rifkesadleir. If you want to buy Honiton (this font) then head over to placeholdertype.xyz!